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Yay Friday

9:00Alba - Petit Sweet Couture

zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_01

Bolso/Bag: Pepe Moll | Jeans: Stradivarius | Top: Zara | Sandalias/Sandals: Joni Shoes

zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_02 zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_03 zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_04 zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_05 zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_06 zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_07 zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_08 zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_09 zara_ootd_lookbook_pepe moll_joni_10

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1 comentarios

  1. Wow what a great look! The top is gorgeous and the open toe are so original and fantastic!